School Uniform

Tá dhá éide scoile ag na páistí- an gnáth éide agus an t-éide spóirt.  Tig leo a rogha ceann acu a chaitheamh achan lá ach amháin ar lá an Chorpoideachais, nuair a chaitear an t-éide spóirt.

The school has two uniforms, a tracksuit and a formal uniform.  The tracksuit is to be worn on PE day and either uniform may be worn on the other days.

The Formal uniform:

Boys: red jumper, white shirt, grey trousers and a red and grey tie.

Girls: a red jumper or cardigan, a grey skirt/pinafore/trousers, grey/red tights or white socks, a white shirt and a red and grey tie.

Tracksuit: Grey trousers and sweat shirt with a red line through it. White polo shirt.

Several local shops stock the uniform.

Iarrtar an t-éide iomlán bheith ar na páistí gach lá.  Iarrtar gan an t-éide foirmiúil agus an t-éide spóirt a mheascadh.  Iarrtar leine bán bheith faoin t-éide spóirt agus níl cead léinte peile a chaitheamh.  Cuir ainm an pháiste ar gach rud.

Children are asked to wear their school uniform in full.  The tracksuit is to be on P.E. day and either the tracksuit or formal school uniform on all other days.  A white top is to be worn under the tracksuit.  Football jerseys etc. are not permitted.  Please do not wear half tracksuit and half formal uniform.  Children should not wear shoes with shoelaces until they can tie their own laces.

It is advisable to write your child’s name on all the items of clothing and equipment taken to school; lunch box, coat etc.

A pupil’s hair when attending school, is to be its natural colour.