Getting to School

By Foot

There is a footpath along the Armagh Road to the front door of the school to ensure a safe passage to school.

By Car

Parents driving should use the car parking/set down areas as marked.

  • The area marked ‘BUS’ are to be used as a set down area for buses only – please do not park in this area.
  • If you are dropping off the children, you do not have to escort them to the classroom. Simply stop briefly in the set down areas provided.
  • If you are escorting your child to the classroom or yard (Infants) please use the marked parking bays.  Do not park in the set down area.
  • Parents and pupils should at all times use the footpaths
  • Pupils in Junior and Senior infants who have a brother or sister in Ranganna 1-6 or who use the Bus Eireann bus service may stay until 2:50pm. All other infants go home at 1:50pm.

By Bus

Primary School Transport Scheme

Prior to the 2011 Budget any child living 2 miles (3.2 kilometres) or more from the school may be entitled to free bus travel to and from school through the Primary School Transport Scheme.  With effect from the 2011/2012 school year a transport fee of €50 per annum will be introduced for primary school pupils (except for medical card holders), with a maximum family charge of €110 applying.  The proposed changes are detailed in the Information Note published by the Department of Education and Skills.

This service is administered by Bus Éireann – see