Mission Statement

Our intention is to provide each child in our care with the highest level of education possible in a safe and stimulating environment. In striving to achieve this aim we take care to recognise that each child is unique with different specialities, talents and needs.  Our aim is to challenge all our pupils to achieve the highest level of learning and education possible for them.

We also hope to give our children more than solely an academic education.  We hope to aid their overall development and help them mature as independent thinkers and workers and to develop all the traits that will strengthen their self-respect.

We try to achieve these aims by creating a healthy, safe, friendly, open and Christian atmosphere within the school, where respect for others is paramount and where listening and openness are essential.  We never forget the balance that is necessary for maintaining healthy relationships.

Respect is at the heart of our school’s life; respect for each other, respect for teachers and for adults in general and self-respect.  As a Gaelscoil, we also endeavour to instil in the children a respect for our unique national culture.  We try to achieve this through example and by allowing the children to experience as many aspects as possible of their heritage in as pleasant and enjoyable a way as we can.  We would sincerely hope that our pupils would be proud of their school, of their language and of their culture and that this pride would remain with them throughout their school lives and beyond.

Children are encouraged to accept responsibility as they pass through the school.  We try to allow them feel that the school belongs to all of us and that we are all responsible for it.  We expect all the children to play a part in creating a good school atmosphere.

We sincerely hope that they will strive to co-operate for the good of the whole school while discovering and utilising their unique talents.