Complaints Procedure

Tháinig an INTO & CPSMA ar réiteach i 1993 ar bhealach chun plé le gearáin ó thuismitheoirí faoi mhúinteoirí.  Tá 5 chéim sa phróiseas.

The INTO and CPSMA reached agreement in 1993 on a procedure for dealing with complaints by parents against teachers.  The purpose of this procedure is to facilitate the resolution of difficulties, where they may arise, in an agreed and fair manner.  The agreement lays out in five stages the process to be followed in processing a complaint and the specific timescale to be followed at each stage.

Only those complaints about teachers which are written and signed by parents/guardians of pupils may be investigated  formally by the Board of Management, except where those complaints are deemed by the Board to be:

  1. on matters of professional competence and which are to be referred to        the Department of Education;
  2. frivolous or vexatious complaints and complaints which do not impinge on the work of a teacher in a school; or
  3. complaints in which either party has recourse to law or to another existing procedure.

Unwritten complaints, not in the above categories, may be processed informally as set out in Stage 1 of this procedure.

Stage 1

  • 1.1 A parent/guardian who wishes to make a complaint should approach the class teacher with a view to resolving the complaint.
  • 1.2 Where the parent/guardian is unable to resolve the complaint with the class teacher she/he should approach the Principal with a view to resolving it.
  • 1.3 If the complaint is still unresolved the parent/guardian should raise the matter with the Chairperson of the Board of Management with a view to resolving it.

Stages 2—5 of procedure are available on request

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